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  • Melissa Wickert

Planning for pavers

Have you ever looked at a catalog for pavers and felt overwhelmed? At Terra Bella, our job is to help you with the paver selection process. To get you started, below are just a few primers on how choosing a paver might work.

Main "field" pavers

Choosing pavers usually involves selecting a main paver—referred to as the field—and accent pavers for use in borders and inlays. Terra Bella most often recommends Unilock pavers for style, durability and function.

One of Unilever's most popular paver lines right now is Beacon Hill. We are finding the Flagstone option to be a popular choice.. The versatility of this product line makes it a good fit for main entrance walkways, patios, driveways or pool decks. There are three sizes to choose from - a large rectangle, a square or a small rectangle. Larger or square sizes are most often used on patios while the smaller rectangle is a good choice for your walkway.

Accents and inlays

Borders, accents or inlays can make your space look truly finished and professional. Below are just a few of our favorites as compliments to the main paver, Beacon Hill. Consider using one of these accent pavers as border on the outside edge of a patio, pool deck, or walkway.

Series 3000 by Unilock - We love the black accent color for a bold border choice. Unilock mentions this choice is often used in commercial as well as residential spaces for a look that's very "today".

Courtstone by Unilock - Courtstone works well for transitional, traditional or contemporary spaces. It's striking simplicity will make your border appear finished.

Want to learn more? Email Let's get started on creating a beautiful outdoor space!

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