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Post-renovation re-haul - Murphy project

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

In the Spring of 2019, the city ripped out the back patio of the client's yard when updating the electrical service. That was part of an interior home rennovation project, but it left the landscape a mess. The patio bricks (which were old) were torn up. Not only was there a new mess, but it was clear that overall the out-dated landscape needed refreshing.

A fresh design approach

This house, built in 1949, was grand-fathered by the city. It's on a corner lot and was built horizontally facing the side street instead of what should be the front of the house. That meant that the house had two side yards. The back of the house is a narrow galley. And none of these spaces were connected. Most people thought the side yard didn't belong to the owners.

Through carefully planned design, the side yards and unique areas were connected by pathways and functional spaces. The firepit on the one side became a hangout for the neighborhood kids. The back patio got new Unilock pavers and was rehauled for better water drainage off the lot. By removing the beds on the back patio and extending the pavers, the patio became much larger and more functional.

A substantial result

Even before the project was finished, the house was appraised at a higher value. And, the design was such a hit, Terra Bella is now quoting projects at the neighbors!

Before and after - back patio pavers

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